you alone are enough.
you have nothing to prove to anybody.

                                                             ~ Maya Angelou

Perhaps you’ve been putting yourself second and you feel so unhappy by the way other people treat you. You’re always running around helping and pleasing others, and you end up feeling exhausted or used. You dislike conflict or agruments, so you find it difficult to stand your ground and voice your opinion.

You desire to be a part of something encourgaging and supportive, where you feel safe and belong. You know it’s time to put yourself first, so you can embrace your life with more confidence. 

I work with high achieving women who are exactly that!

Let’s work together to make your mind, body and soul glow!

reiki session

If you are feeling not quite right but you don’t know where to turn and ask for help, this gentle Emotional Release introductory session is for you.

This unique session will allow you to just BE without talking. It will give you time to clear the head and transport your body into a deep place of relaxation.

This session uses the healing modality of Reiki. It will make you feel safe, relaxed and ready to take on the world.

This session can be used as an introduction to releasing emotions safely and gently or to get more sustained results consistent sessions would be of benefit. 

emotional wellbeing session

If you are wrestling with something internally right now and you’d appreciate my support then this introductory session is a great starting point for you.

During our time together we’ll talk things through about what you are ready to change ,gain clarity about the way forward and release your emotions.

My sessions mainly use Resource Therapy, and when required Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy.

Emotional Wellbeing package

If you are constantly being affected by other people’s behaviour, emotions or words and need a much deeper form of emotional support then this package is for you. 

During our time together we’ll work through all the aspects that are not working in your life right now. We will release several emotions that are holding you back, your mind will be clearer and you will gain more direction for your future.  

I mainly use Resource Therapy for the sessions, where needed I will incorporate Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming or Time Line Therapy into the session. 

Business mentoring package

If you have finished your study in NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis or a similar type of therapy and are eager to start your business. Or you have been in business in the above therapies for a while but are still lack confidence in what technique to use when clients come in to see you, then this package is for you. 

During our time together we will work on your mindset blocks and issues that are still holding you back in launching or finding clients to work with in your business. Or feeling confident when working with clients. 

We will fill the gaps in your learning with specific strategies on how you can work with your clients with confidence and success. No more guessing or hoping your sessions will work. You will go away with a precise treatment plan and knowing exactly how to work with each client in majority of sessions.

I mainly use Resource Therapy to clear any mindset issues and beliefs. I will also discuss and teach you the treatment plan you can follow for the majority of client issues. 


What sessions do I book?

If you would like some gentle healing where you just relax and not talk. I recommend the Emotional Release Reiki session.

If you are happy to talk and you want a quicker and a more direct approach to help you. I would recommend a Emotional Wellbeing session or the Emotional Wellbeing Package.

How many Emotional Release Reiki Sessions do I need?

Each time you feel triggered by something or someone and these feeling stay around with you, I recommend taking time for yourself to have a session. If you feel stressed, burnt out or continuously getting angry, triggered or emotional at others, its time for a session or several sessions.

Even though I have had many sessions of Reiki in the last several years, I still get them today as I know the benefits of having a regular sessions for my wellbeing. This then creates an impact on the people around me, the clients I help and my family.

How many Emotional Wellbeing sessions do I need?

The Emotional Wellbeing sessions are a great way for an introduction on how to work with me. However, the most effective way is the package of sessions. You will receive benefit from 1 session, however, the more sessions you have the more impact it will have on your overall health and wellbeing.

Sometimes a 4 session package is enough for people. But some people need more sessions, as they keep getting triggered, feel stressed and overwhelmed by life. There is no 1 size fits all for everyone. All I can say is if you don’t feel right, reach out and get some help.

Over last few years I have had many sessions and still today when I feel stressed, triggered, or upgrade my skills to learn a new course. I invest in myself because I know it will be of benefit for my overall health and wellbeing, my business, the clients I help and the people around me.

How long do the sessions go for?

Emotional Release Reiki Session – allow 60 minutes. The Reiki will be approximately 45 – 50 minutes.

Emotional Wellbeing Session – allow 60 -90 minutes. I do make sure we finish the session properly and leave you feeling lighter, emotions released and fully supported.


You know you there are parts of you that have the strength to do so much more, the desire to find your passion again and commitment to make life happen. 

Let’s rediscover all the amazing parts of you!