What to expect in your first ever reiki session?    [2 minute read]     

I’m so excited for you! You are either about to or you are thinking about embarking on a beautiful journey into bliss and delight! It’s an experience like no other, and I hope it will leave you feeling so refreshed and excited about life.

I was very unsure of my first ever Reiki session. I was scared of what might happen to me and skeptical because I never really knew what to expect or how it could help. I was scared that this person would know all my deepest and darkest secrets, and could not get my head around how their hands could get hot. Much to my surprise I did enjoy the session, even though I did not understand it.

So here is my take, on how I explain it to people who are curious but not so sure about it. Using everyday language and analgoies, so you can feel comfortable, safe and truly allow yourself to experience this unforgettable experience.

Every Reiki session and each person that gives Reiki is different. We all are different people, so one session will never be exactly the same as the next. In one session you might feel like you are floating and the next it might feel like you are falling (not really but you get the idea!)

some keys signs that something is happening:

During your first session you might experience some of the things below or you might not. The best thing to do is be open and curious about the experience.

  •  You usually feel the person hands are hot. If you have had Reiki with me, you know what I’m talking about! However, everyone is different so at times they might be warm or even cold. Depending on what the person needs at the time.
  • On most occasions your stomach will rumble or gurgle.
  • At times you might twitch, like when you are about to fall asleep and your body suddenly jerks for no reason.
  • Sometimes it does bring up emotion. Just making you aware, so you do not have a surprise if you feel like crying. It has not happened alot during my sessions, but I like people to have a heads up.
  • You might feel like you are floating. The best experience!
  • Sometimes with your eyes closed, you see colours. Another cool experience!
  • Sometimes with your eyes closed, your eye lids might flutter. This means you are going into a deep state of relaxation.
  • You might feel tingling or different feelings in parts of your body or all of your body.


Overall, I hope through the sessions I give it will to get you to a place of complete relaxation. Where you feel so at peace within yourself, that your head feels empty.

what happens during a session?

One of the best things about Reiki, is you just lie there and you do not need to talk about anything or any of your problems. You can just BE! You will lie down on your back on a massage table with what ever you are wearing on. Your shoes will be off, so the person giving reiki can place their hands on your feet as well. In my sessions I give people the option of having a blanket and eye pillow/mask. I usually play specific music to assist with relaxation and have essential oils diffusing in the background. The room is usually dark and I always make sure the person on the table is comfortable. I also ask them if they need to talk to me during a session or ask a question they are more than welcome. I make sure the person is comfortable with placing my hands on specific parts of their body, if not it does not matter as you will still receive the benefit.

where does this energy come from?

Everything is energy. If you remember from Science class at school, energy can not be created or destroyed, just transferred. For example: If you rub your hands together for 20 seconds, then pull them 10, 20 or even 30 cm apart, you can feel the energy between your hands. Go on! Try it! So Reiki is the same, it is a form of energy. The heat out of a persons hands, is the Reiki energy. Once you are trained, you are able to give Reiki to anyone. So if you wanted, you can learn that do.


how do you really know there’s energy around us everywhere?

I like to talk to people about a couple of things. The first is when someone walks up behind you, you can not see them, but you have a sense that they are there. We know that they are there, and we turn around. This is what I am talking about! It is what is commonly known as an Aura, the invisible energy that is around us. The person who walked behind you, is actually touching your aura, that’s why you sensed them. Some people are able to see Auras, and you can train yourself to see them to.

The second is body language. You can sense when you walk into a room, that the person in front of you is either in a good or bad mood. What you are really sensing their energy. How they are feeling and what kind of signs they are giving off to you.

how do we know it’s really true?

At the beginning of a Reiki session I will show you how a pendulum (a crystal on a chain) can swing, when I hold it above your body. No one will touch the pendulum but it might start to move on its own. What this pendulum is doing is picking up on the energy around your body (your aura). This pendulum (I use a Quartz crystal) will move if the energy at particular spots (the Chakras) are working well. If the energy in our bodies at these Chakras (see What is Reiki? for more details) is not working well as well it will not move. That’s why we need Reiki! To ensure the various parts of us have energy flowing through us, like how cars move up and down a highway. After the Reiki session I will also show you how the pendulum moves at every Chakra, so you can see how the Reiki energy has helped you.

what is another way to understand the pendulum and chakras?

When I talk to people about Chakras I sometimes use the analogy about a Quartz watch. The watch has a battery and a piece of quartz to keep the time ticking over. The hands of the watch need to move at the same time or frequency to operate well, to tell the time.

Our bodies and the quartz pendulum are exactly like this. The Chakras in our bodies are like watches. They must move at a certain frequency for us to feel good and energetic in life. Our bodies are the battery of the watch and the quartz pendulum shows, how good the Chakras are keeping time. Are they moving or not? Are we feeling confident, happy, safe, proud, trusting or believing in everything in our life?

why do some people wear crystals? 

I used to think crystals where just weird and for hippies (I do not like labels but just for a reference!). Then I understood why they are so important. If you think back to the quartz watch and our body. The chakras of our body need to be moving at a certain frequency, like a watch to ensure we feel good. If we want to keep feeling good more of the time between Reiki sessions, then that’s where crystals help. They act like a pendulum in a quartz watch, keeping our bodies at the right frequency. How amazing is that! Our body is the battery and the crystals are just the quartz that keeps us going, like a watch.

My advice

Just try it! Be open and curious and you will thank yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone later. It’s an experience like no other! I embarked on this Reiki journey by chance, and since you’re reading this perhaps it’s something you need to take a chance on as well.

Much love