I had 2 sessions with Carlene, both involving Reiki and Clinical Resource Therapy and afterwards I felt a sense of lightness in my life that I did not have previously, before our work together.

The feeling of holding onto old hurtful energy was gone.

Thanks Carlene!



Steven Isaacs, USA

I had a past life regression EFT session with Carlene a couple of weeks ago and the breakthrough I had was cathartic. It gave me a heightened sense of peace, so much so that the weight I’ve been unable to budge since it arrived as a result of the stresses from several earthquakes has suddenly started to shift! It feels very natural and straight forward now to let it go. I’m doing nothing different – my body is just finally comfortable and ready. Thanks Carlene

Carmen Cook, Tasmania

I love Carlene’s spirit.

She presents as a confident, intuitive, passionate and caring professional.

We did more in one session than I have done in 10 counselling sessions.

Thank you Carlene!

Tamey Greene, USA

My┬áconnection has become so flowing since our session. I’ve had to send love to that previous memory several times and wish it well but remind myself it has no place in this life any more. And things have really started to change. My weight continues to drop and I can see and feel the difference. My clothes are looser. I’m finally listening to my heart and my soul. Your session gave me the clarity to do that. Once you helped me identify clearly what the issue was, I knew what I needed to do. So thank you Carlene. I feel such lightness and clarity.


Carmen Cook, Tasmania

I had a fantastic Emotional Freedom Therapy session with Carlene yesterday. It was to let go of grief. Carlene listened so well and asked all the appropriate questions. She also listened to what was NOT being said. After a few rounds of tapping and release I could feel the sadness shifting to happiness.

It is really amazing what this therapy can do when led by an highly professional therapist like Carlene!

Thank you and I would highly recommend you to reach out to her.

Jacquelyn Haley, UK

Thank you!

The appointments we had were so helpful! I’ve been using EFT Tapping for several years now, but it was so helpful to have help from your perspective.

This has helped when I’m tapping on my own, a lot of forward movement, old memories were cleared.

I appreciate you! 


Karen Kelley, USA

I had just one session with Carlene yet almost from the moment we said “hello”, I felt at ease. We worked on a memory that held quite a bit of regret and shame for me. I was expecting to really delve into it and push through the difficult muck, but it went so smoothly and easily that before I knew it, it was the end of the session, and I was feeling waves of joy, and a new perspective.

I am very thankful to Carlene for holding such a safe space and skillfully guiding me through it all.

Hugo Menard, Melbourne

I had 2 EFT Tapping and Clinical Resource Therapy/Hypnotherapy sessions with Carlene in the space of 7 days. Within 48 hours, I received news of a financial windfall which I attribute directly to Carlene’s work. With Carlene, I felt completely safe to share my deepest fears, thoughts, and hopes.

I highly recommend working with Carlene, her intuition is so strong and she will guide you to the depths of your soul and come out the other side transformed.

Michelle Carden, Melbourne

I enjoyed working with Carlene, as she skillfully and professionally took me back to 2 past lives spontaneously, while doing some Tapping work together.

I would highly recommend Carlene for her relaxed, yet professional approach in getting to the core of the issue.

Carlene also has a wonderful sense of humour.


Elizabeth, New Zealand