confidence & assertiveness program

Lack of confidence and assertiveness in your life can reap havoc in lots of different areas. 

This program will assist you in letting go of any hurt, sadness, rejection, abuse, guilt, anger or even regret that can surface when relationships become sour. When working on yourself and developing a stronger relationship with self, everything around your life will change, lift and be a lot clearer.

This program is here to bring so much love, acceptance of self into your life, and therefore you’ll attract 

There are so many different labels or names you can give anxiety but overall the fear and worry you have, holds you back from living. That’s living your best life! The fear you continue to hold onto which you believe keeps you safe and secure, ends by doing this program.

The program is specifically designed for you and what is going on in each moment for you life, that’s the distinct difference to many other programs and therapies around. Using powerful techniques from Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Resource Therapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy and EFT the sessions we will clear to the root cause of the the feelings that are surfacing for you. We will then teach you how identify the processes that keep you stuck in situations  and then retrain your brain to develop more useful thought patterns and behaviours. 

Each session of the program will normally run on average 1.5 hours. However, we take as much time as needed to ensure everything is covered during the session.

The first session begins with a free phone consult to see if we are the right fit for each other and to determine the number of sessions required. The more details I know exactly about what is going on for you, the more we will be able to build a program that is the exact fit for your needs. My mission is always to do it once and do it properly. If however, you would just like to go right ahead and book 4 sessions upfront please do so with the button below.

  • Eliminate the feelings of anxiety and panic.
  • Feeling confident, happy and optimist with life and the decisions you make.
  • Strategies to calm your anxious feelings and your fight, fright and freeze responses.
  • Increase your self awareness and uncover your self limiting patterns.
  • Interrupting all patterns and thoughts that cause the anxious and fearful feelings.
  • Powerful strategies that stop the feelings before they grow into a full blown panic attack.
  • Learn powerful breathing techniques that you can do anywhere anytime.
  • Learn powerful self help techniques that can be used anywhere anytime and combine them with your breathing.
  • An intuitive build program with each session clearing to exactly what you need in each moment.
  • By the end of the program you will feel empowered by your life.


Client Intake form:  

  • Please take 5 minutes to fill in the Client Intake Form which is found on your booking confirmation email. 

Terms and conditions of Service

Please read. These are found when filling out your Client Intake Form. 



You will Receive:

1 x FREE 1:1 Phone consult

A specialised program of sessions, strategies and techniques designed for your needs.

   IN PERSON or ONLINE sessions only are available 

 Investment: Depends on the number of required sessions after consult


Book a 4 x 1:1 session program with the booking button above.