How RT, NLP. TLT changed my life?    [4 minute read]     

I always questioned myself about why I kept feeling like I did? Why I kept experiencing bullying? Why I could not connect to people, even though I was a good person? At times I would go from happy to sad, to angry within seconds and I would lash out at those close to me, particularly my husband. I knew inside me there was a resilient, powerful and independent woman. But I was so scared of life and did not even know why.

NLP, TLT and RT make all the pieces of the puzzle connect and answered all those questions.

By chance I found NLP and TLT and I was so curious, I signed up to the course within a few days. Two years earlier a psychic had told me, I would be changing careers and doing something to do with the mind. I had a feeling she was right, and it wasn’t until that moment that this was it.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores how your mind, thoughts and language lead to certain behaviours and habits on how we go about life. Some of the way we live empowers us, other behaviour, thoughts, habits and strategies we use are less effective.

Every single day we take in events outside ourselves, we go about life and experience it through our 5 senses. Depending on our memories, experiences in life, decisions we have made, how we have been brought up, will determine how we perceive our world. Our personality starts to develop through these experiences, and overall determines how we see the world.

We start to be programmed by everything around us.

A part of us knows how to feel happy, overwhelmed, sad, angry and content. All these parts of us are developed from under the age of 7. Over time with our life experiences, our brains get triggered by events, and we re-experience these same emotions again and again. Our brain learns very quickly on how to respond to situations. It’s like we have been going to the gym everyday, training our brain to respond the same way. Building our muscles bigger and bigger, so they are so strong that each reaction to an event becomes automatic. Which is why some people get so addicted to work, stress, alcohol, or overeating. Or keep feeling overwhelmed, anxious, have relationship issues and more.

There’s a common saying “Cells that fire together, wire together.” Which means if you keep thinking the same way, then the body takes over and knows how to respond and feel that way. Over time it’s so automatic that the body responds so quickly, it just starts to run the show.

Now looking back I can understand why I kept feeling the same way and experiencing the same kinds of things. It was a cycle!

The addictive cycle – explained another way!

You see something outside you because of what you see, to start to form a belief about your life and what’s happening to you. You start to believe what you see. This then affects how you perceive the world. For example: if you always watch the news and only see all the bad stories, you might believe the world is not a good place. This in turn affects your emotions and how you feel about life, the world, yourself and your ability to get what you want. However, if you feel good and you see the good parts of the story, you will think good thoughts and see good things in your life. This then creates the words you express about others and yourself. This will determine the actions you take or not. The cycle then continues because you see the world outside you, giving you the same things, which makes you believe the same things, think the same thoughts, feel the same way and do the same actions. The cycle!

Things outside you – Beliefs – Perception – Emotions – Thoughts – Words – Actions – Repeat

The good news!

The good news is, if you can train your brain and body to react quickly to feel sad, anxious, overwhelmed and angry. You can also train it to feel good! Because a belief you have about yourself, is just a thought you keep thinking over and over again. We are not born this way, we have been programmed by our experiences. It all depends on how you think, speak and act, determines what you get out of life. You can choose to change your thoughts. You can have power over what you think, feel, act to bring about what you want in your life.

Tips to start to change by yourself

Notice the thoughts or feelings that come up. Once you become aware of them, you can start to face them and empower yourself to change. Be gentle with yourself and see it as a chance to learn and grow.

The less time you choose to spend on these thoughts and in these feelings the better. So let’s start to interrupt the thought/feeling patterns, and train our brains in another way.

  • Notice the thought/feeling, then find something quick and simple to do that interrupts that thought/feeling. It might be 10 squats, 10 star jumps, play with your pet, run up and down the house for 20 seconds, play high vibe music so you can sing and dance for a couple of minutes. Anything that breaks the thought and feeling pattern. Go about your day and if you notice yourself doing it again, interrupt the pattern again.
  • This time interrupt the pattern with a beautiful picture because our mind thinks in pictures. You have the old feeling, thought or picture in front of you. Quickly swap that with a beautiful memory, with good feelings, thoughts and amazing experiences. Repeat this process quickly from one picture to the other as many times as needed to break the pattern. Make the good memory as bright and vivid as you can, and engage as many of your senses as you can.
  • Start your day on a high. Find something quick and easy that helps you to start your day in a good mood. It might be singing in the shower, having a cup of coffee/tea outside, going outside and placing your feet on the grass, taking some deep belly breaths, yoga, meditation or exercise.

How can you change a lot faster?

The power of NLP occurs when it is combined with Resource Therapy (RT), Time Line Therapy (TLT), EFT Tapping or Hypnosis. As those parts of you that have been programmed to automatically respond, can easily be changed by going back to the first time they were formed (the root cause). If you change the thoughts, beliefs and feelings from the root cause. You will not have to experience the baggage of these emotions again. You will be released from carrying 20, 30 or even 40 plus years of these emotions. It does not mean you will not experience sadness, anger etc again, it means you do not have to carry the weight from when you were younger.

what is Rt, EFT tapping, TLT & Hypnosis?

Resource Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy (TLT) are fast and effective techniques that uncover and transform deeply rooted thoughts, habits and emotions stored in your mind. Limiting beliefs about yourself or others, limiting decisions you have made or negative emotions you have stored, can be released within minutes. The self doubt, self sabotage, hurt, resentment, anger, overwhelm, anxious feelings, stress, relationship issues or hurts, guilt, shame, fear, phobias, negativity, paranoia, worry or even pressure can all be gone.

The emotional baggage that we carry around everyday, the thoughts that we believed that would never change, can be cleared safely and have the most profound and immediate impact.

To make most powerful impact to your life and how you are feeling RT, TLT, and Hypnosis combined with NLP is the most effective way. However, you can start to make changes by yourself with the above NLP techniques. Eventually you will override the old patterns that have been programmed in you.

Take control of your life and what you want out of it. That part of you that knows this is not you, is a lot stronger and more capable of change than you think.