What is Reiki?   [2 minute read]     

Reiki is the energy force that runs through us.

But what does that really mean?

For me, I like to explain it to people in the way we read body language.

Sometimes, within seconds of someone entering the room, you sense a lot about that person. You can tell if they’re happy, sad or frustrated. Sometimes you get that feeling in your gut – a good feeling for some people, while others make you feel uncomfortable.

While some might say we’re reading their body language, what we’re really doing is reading their “energy”.

Everyone emits this energy from their body, and how we are feeling or what other people are sensing will depend on if the energy is balanced and vibrant or dull and stagnant.

Want to see what energy feels like? Try this!

Hold both your arms out straight in front of you. Face 1 palm up and 1 palm down. Quickly squeeze your hands together to make fists for about 15 seconds. Turn your hands around and continue to squeeze your hands together for another 15 seconds. Now bring your hands together in front of you, like you are about to clap your hands. What do you feel?

Now rub your hands together quickly for about 15 seconds. Once again, move your hands towards and away from each other like they are about to clap. What do you feel?

You can feel something between your hands, right? Almost like a magnet pushing your hands apart, or pulling them together. This is the energy I’m talking about.

What are chakras?

We have seven main energy systems in our body, called Chakras. These Chakras are the transformers of our energy.

If these energy centres are open and balanced, you will naturally see a person who is relaxed, happy and vibrant.

But when stress or negative emotions build, these Chakras become blocked and you will see someone who is unhappy, angry, frustrated or anxious.

Another way to explain the Chakra system is to imagine that the seven main Chakras are like seven major cities along a highway. Each city has its own unique purpose – its own job to do for the state. A highway connects these cities together and a free-flow of traffic allows all of these jobs to be completed every day. However, when there are traffic jams or crashes, the highway does not flow, traffic banks up and cities can’t complete their jobs.That is exactly like the energy that flows through our bodies.

We need to have a free-flowing highway of energy from head to toe to allow our seven main Chakras to carry out the specific job they have to do.

But negative emotional responses cause traffic jams in our bodies. Frustration, anger and stress build up and our bodies’ natural energy flow is no longer free. This is where we start to feel less energetic, easily frustrated or stressed at the drop of a hat.

Another way to explain chakras is to imagine we are like a computer.

Our body is the hardware – the physical computer you see in front of you. As with the vast array of computers on sale in your local store, we all have different body types – old, young, thin, solidly-build, male or female.

Our mind is the software – the information we carry around, like our beliefs and thoughts. Our software informs our hardware how to react every second of the day.

Together, these create the programs we need to function in life. We have programs to survive – like to eat, sleep or exercise. We have other programs that help us decide what we like or dislike, or even how we speak.

We can have the perfect hardware and software to make the computer function. But if the electricity is not turned on, the computer is useless.

That is exactly like our bodies. We can have the best body, education or mind/thought practices. But if you do not have an energy flow that runs through your body, then you will never feel fully connected and free. This is where Reiki comes to play.

The amazing thing about Reiki!

Reiki assists this energy flow by connecting the mind and body, allowing you to feel more relaxed and unrestricted. By removing the traffic jams and blocks that stem the flow of energy in your body. Reiki will help you make better decisions so you can move forward, gaining clarity and focus. This flow enhances your confidence and self-esteem, serving to strengthen your relationships and ability to communicate.

So, where is the energy stagnant in your body?

Are you working out, getting enough sleep, doing all the right things for your body – but still don’t feel quite right?

Or are you doing all the right things for you mind, but your body is lagging behind?

If you’re not sure where your energy is stuck, take the “How balanced is your life?” quiz to understand the steps you need to take to turn that internal traffic jam into a flowing super highway.

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