qhht session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session (QHHT) is a life changing experience like no other. The technique was developed by the late Dolores Cannon and was used for over 40 years to make significant changes to the lives of many people.

During the session you will move into a very deep state of trance, a somnambulistic state. This state is a normal state that everyone moves in and out naturally twice a day: just before they wake up and just before they go to sleep. During the session you will be completely comfortable and safe.

QHHT is an incredible way to access the greater part of ourselves, the higher self or as Dolores would say the SC. When we reincarnate on earth we forget why we are here, what we are here to do and all our previous lifetimes we have experienced. So these sessions allow you explore some of these forgotten aspects and bring them into conscious awareness.

The Higher Self or SC has unlimited power and ability to help you be able to access answers to life long questions you may have about your life. It has the ability to heal issues – long term emotional, mental or physical issues. These may have connections to past lives and become to the surface in this lifetime to acknowledge, learn from and heal. It also will help you reconnect to parts of yourself you have long forgotten.

The session begins with a chat about why you are here, you will share your life story with me and then I will look at the questions you would like answered. I will then lead you through the QHHT session and techniques done exactly the same way Dolores performed her sessions for her clients. An open mind about where this will lead and go is crucial for a successful session. After the session is done we will have a discussion about what you recall and experienced. Later that day I will send you a link to your recording which you are encouraged to listen to several times after, to assist with the healing process.

The sessions normally run on average 4 hours. However it can take anywhere from 4 to 7 hours and we take as much time as needed to ensure everything is covered during the session.

Some Important considerations before your QHHT session:

  • Once you book your QHHT session, the preparation and healing for your session begins as guided by your Higher Self.
  • These sessions are absolutely incredible and bringing this intention into the session, will help you get the most out of the experience.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be lying down during the session.
  • All session will be done in a private room with no interruptions from anyone.
  • All recordings, discussions and information conveyed during the session will remain private and confidential.
  • Please allow anywhere from 4 to 7 hours for your session.
  • Please bring along a small water bottle and a snack if you feel hungry after the session.
  • Please eat and drink healthy and high vibrational food. This will help your body, mind and soul to feel light and receive the most out of your session.
  • Have no expectations is key for a successful session. No matter what you’ve seen, read, heard about QHHT. It’s important to release all of these and be open for your own unique experience. No two sessions are the same but always exactly how they are meant to go. It’s important to trust and allow yourself to receive whatever happens.


  • Please bring along any questions you would like to be answered during your session. These can range from your life purpose, health, relationships, family, friends, career/job and anything you maybe be curious about. This can be a clear handwritten list or typed on the computer and printed out.


  • Your session will be recorded using a voice battery operated device. I will then upload your session to Dropbox. You will have 2 weeks to download the recording for your own records. Or you can bring along a new USB still in it’s packet to download immediately after your session.
  • It is also recommended you listen to your recording as many times as you like. This will assist with the healing process and also recall any information you may not immediately remember after the session.

Client Intake form

  • Please take 5 minutes to fill in the Client Intake Form which is found on your booking confirmation email.

Terms and conditions of Service

  • Please read. These are found when filling out your Client Intake Form.

    You will Receive:

    1 x approx 4 – 7 hour 1:1 QHHT Session

       IN PERSON sessions only are available in Adelaide, South Australia.

     Investment: $311 AUD paid in full.