How to control the overthinking mind? Or can you?

The overthinking mind! The mind chatter. I think too much! I need to manage my mind so much better. I want to be in better control of my mind. So how do you do it?

As soon as you start on that never-ending trail of over analysing conversations and worrying if you said something wrong. Our mind takes control of everything. Then our body responds and very quickly we get these feelings that match the thoughts.

Once we feel a slight trigger of anxiety, fear, judgement etc. Our thoughts take it and run with it, because it’s what we have trained it to do. Again, again and again!

The analysis of everything and wondering what things mean or what someone meant by something they said. Our minds love to keep busy.

The energiser bunny that keeps going and going. For most of us it does not stop and it take us on a roller coaster ride.

As soon as we wake, we think.

When we walk, it’s there.

When we sleep or should be sleeping, it’s on overdrive.

Someone looks at us in an odd way, we wonder and make a judgement.

Then we get on the roller coaster, of repeating, replaying every situation in our mind.

So exhausting!

So much chatter, sometimes it’s wishing it will just go away.

To be honest – it doesn’t go away. You just get better at managing it and allowing things to be as they are.

You choose more useful stories, and focus on more helpful strategies.

And allow everything to be as it is.

You train your thoughts and focus to be the ones you want to hear and then just breathe.

It’s just like going to the gym, if we repeat something, you get stronger, faster or more efficient.

With our thoughts and emotions that are not so useful. We have to train our minds in same way. It takes practice, acknowledgment and honesty.

Do I need to think and feel like this or don’t I?

Will it serve me? Or won’t it?

Is it necessary to waste my energy and thoughts on 

If not … we change it and step back 

Observing our thoughts instead of getting so wrapped up in them. Judging, analysing and overthinking every situation.

Allow your thoughts to be whatever they are, with no judgement. Switch them over to a mantra and focus back on the breath.

Take a deep breath in with the stomach lifting first before your chest, and then breathe out. If you would like to count you can, but it’s not necessary, however long that takes. Combine this with a powerful mantra and allow your other thoughts flow down the river.

Deep breathing helps balance out carbon dioxide and oxygen in our bodies So the anxious or fear based feelings, do not take over our system, when we get so wrapped up in our thoughts.

As the monkey mind comes out the play again. Switch your thoughts back on a mantra and focus on the breath.

If they keep popping up, it’s ok. It’s just what our mind does and is trained to do.

Allow it to be that way, instead self-sabotaging and being so hard on yourself. The mind loves to chatter, so let it chatter.

But ……Repeat again.

Watching and listening to the thoughts and allow them to be how they are, while focusing on deep breathing. No need to judge, worry if they continue to chatter away.

Be the observer or step back and allow your thoughts to flow down a river, make a more interesting choice of a mantra. Then continue to switch your focus and take some deep breaths

MY PRACTICE: Thanks to Nicole Whitty from Elysian Sanctuary for a practice that’s changed my life. So simple but so powerful. When combined with regular Reiki healings, it’s the bomb! 💥

Deep breathing with the stomach blowing up like a balloon when you breathe in, and breathe out. Ensuring your chest lifts first before your chest. Combine this with the mantra “Om Swaha” (which means I surrender) or “Allow everything to be as it is” and allow your other thoughts flow down the river.

Keep breathing and repeating the mantra in your mind until you feel better. If you have other thoughts allow them to flow down the river and focus back on the breathing technique. It might be 20 minutes or 2 minutes. The more you do it, the more automatic it becomes.

Keep breathing.