hypnosis infusion session

If life has suddenly thrown you some challenges or you can not seem to let go of feelings or issues which have plagued you for sometime. You are in desperate need some emotional support and relief then this session is a great starting point for you.

During our time together we’ll talk through what you are ready to change and within a few minutes of talking to you I will know exactly what needs to be released. Once a short discussion around some specific events are given we will immediately start releasing the emotions that are currently surfacing for you from the root cause. 

All feelings and emotions that are surfacing for you right now, are feelings connected to events in your past. There might have been a major trigger event that has brought up these emotions or you may have carried these feelings for some time but you keep avoiding them.

Accessing these feelings from the unconscious mind and healing to the root cause of the issue is where the release and change happens.

These sessions are very different to traditional talk therapy sessions. We deal with emotions and the root cause of the issue. A very different part of the brain and there are no bandaid solutions. 

I mainly use Clinical Resource Therapy and Hypnotherapy for the sessions, where needed I will incorporate Reiki, Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming or Time Line Therapy into the session.

Each session is individually tailoured to what you need and the emotions that are surfacing. The outcomes may differ slightly from the list below.



The session will help you :


      • Uncover the root cause or reason of why you feel the way you do. No bandaid solutions!
      • Let go of an emotion or emotions that have a hold on you.
      • Gain an understanding of how the events in your past are affecting you today.
      • Gain more direction, clarity and zest for your life.
      • Take back control of your life and learn ways to not let other people affect you at work or in relationships.
      • Have a more clear and peaceful mind and help you make decisions.

At the end of the session I will give you an appropriate takeaway task or tool to use, to support you when your emotions arise.

One session will certainly clear the first layer of emotions that come up for you. However, regular weekly or fortnightly sessions are essential for sustained results.

There is no magic pill to this work, the magic pill is your commitment and determination to feel better.

If you require an individually tailoured package (2 or more sessions) please contact me to discuss.

You will Receive:

1 x approx 90 minute 1:1 Hypnosis Infusion Session

   ONLINE or IN PERSON sessions are available.

 Investment: $225 AUD paid in full.