The easy way to change those self sabotaging thoughts!    [3 minute read]      

Have you ever fought the internal battle between eating that last slice of cake and giving it a miss because you’re trying to lose weight? Or the thoughts about what to do with your relationship, as it makes you feel empty but at the same time secure. So many decisions, so much time and energy and all it creates is stress, stress and more stress. Two parts within you have conflicting wants and it can be tough to make the right choice.

Perhaps the anxious feelings, stress, overwhelm, overthinking or burnout have those parts of you so physically and emotionally drained, you place a mask on every morning to just get through the day. You are dragging yourself through life, on edge or even finding it difficult to focus on the day to day things. You feel like you’re in survival mode. You know there are parts of you that want to feel less stressed, more care free, happy and with so much more certainity in life.

Sometimes it’s the other things that get in our way. The people pleasing, the drinking, overeating, hiding away from life, or you just keep going back to the same guy and let him in, even though he’s not right for you. But it just feels much safer to do this, than really face what you have to face. You know you want to go back to being that secure, happy, fun, confident, independent woman again. That lost little part of you knows, it deserves all of this, and more.


when did this self sabgotage begin?

All these parts of our personality are formulated during our childhood years. We know when we feel happy, loved, angry, guilty and more. Over time these parts of us, have developed through repetition from our environment and interaction with the various things in it. Once we see what is happening in our life, we then start believing these things are true about us. This creates a perception about the world you live in. In turn this creates different feelings, thoughts and actions you take within your life. It forms a cycle and unless we are aware it, we stay on that treadmill and keep running, and there is no change.


What can you do? THe easy way!

Our mind thinks in pictures and connects to feelings. It’s like when you watch a movie, even though the movie is not real you still get an emotional reaction from the various scenes. If it was a romantic heart wrenching moment, we usually cry or a hard fast action packed moment, our heart starts to beat faster. Right? Since we know this, we can use this knowledge and leverage off the power of our mind. Let’s start helping you make some changes to your life. The easy way!

I want you to tell yourself, you’re amazing! Right here! Right now! Say it! I am amazing! I am beautiful! I am worth it! I deserve the best! I am worthy! I am incredible! These beautiful words are training your brain to show you, you are worth it. However, like a movie we need an image to make it even more powerful. Let’s use the power of our mind to help, the easy way!

You can do this in 3 different ways:

  • Firstly find a time in your life when you felt amazing, beautiful, worth it or incredible. Make it into a movie as you remember this memory. Once you find this image/movie and you feel these feelings, start to repeat the words above like you mean it. Say the words and imagine them coming from your heart. Repeat as often as you like.
  • The second way is just find a happy memory, it can be recent or in the past. Make the memory as vivid and real as you can, using as many senses as you can, like a movie. Then repeat some words on how you feel in this moment. Say the words with compassion, meaning, love and all from your heart. Feel the feelings it creates in your body. It does not matter what “happy” words they are or how many. Just feel into the experience. Repeat it as often as you can. 
  • Look around you and see something you really appreciate or lots of things you appreciate. As you look at that thing notice what word comes up in your head about this object. Feel into this feeling. Once you feel into this feeling. Connect it to another word that you are feeling now. Sit with this feeling for awhile until another word and feeling comes to your mind. Repeat this process for a few mintues or until you feel amazing! Repeat as often as you like. Our mind loves synergy (the same thing working together) and repetition. It loves to be trained!



Image in your mind + Good Feelings = Good Thoughts (The Easy Way!)


how can i change even easier & faster?

The little parts of you that are not feeling great, are just that! They are small parts of you, not all of you, so change is possible. You can use the above techniques using the power of your mind. However, there is an even more powerful and effective way, by using Resource Therapy.

Resource Therapy (RT) is a fast and powerful therapy which works directly from the part of you that has the problem. It is able to locate the part of you that has the problem, that was developed from when you were younger. In most cases it is from your childhood, but not always. You might not know what it is, but your mind and body will know. It is like the movie analogy, when you have a particular feeling in your body, this feeling connects to a picture from your life in the past. EG: Like a happy memory from your past or a beautiful holiday you have been on, it creates feelings in your body.


why is resource therapy so powerful?

Resource Therapy (RT) is so incredible because: 

  • It locates the real reason (root cause) why you keep feeling like you do or acting like you do.
  • It works directly with the part of you that has the problem. Not just putting a bandaid over the issue and covering the symptoms.
  • Within in a few minutes of either reading your pre-session form or email or talking to you on the phone. I will know exactly how to work with you and what you need to help you feel better.
  • During the session you will tell me what you are ready to change. I will know exactly how to treat you to empower and support that part of you.
  • A direct treatment plan of action will be taken.
  • The treatment plan is individually tailoured to what you need.
  • You do not need to tell me all of your story, only what you are ready to change. This can be done within a few minutes.
  • You do not need to be re-traumatised by re-telling your story.
  • It will release 20, 30, or even 40 years of emotional baggage that you have been carrying. Imagine that weight being lifted! You will feel the change!
  • You will leave with that part of you feeling empowered, supported, happier and more confident. And more!

All these self sabotaging behaviours and emotions (Anything really!) are able to be changed, when you are willing to put yourself first. If you know you are capable, worth it all, then Resource Therapy can change your life very quickly. The difference between this therapy and other common talk therapies, is it tackles the issue from the root cause, not just putting a bandaid on the wound.

The mind thinks in pictures, loves repetiton and synergy, and feelings, like a beautiful movie. So start recreating amazing movies in your head, with incredible feelings, which create good thoughts, actions and behaviours. Use the power of your mind the easy way!