emotional wellbeing session

If you are wrestling with something internally right now and need some emotional support then this introductory session is a great starting point for you.

During our time together we’ll talk through what’s happening in your life right now, gain clarity about the way forward and release some emotions. 

I mainly use Resource Therapy for the sessions, where needed I will incorporate Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming or Time Line Therapy into the session. 


The session will help you :


      • Uncover the reason why you feel the way you do.
      • Let go of an emotion that has a hold on you.
      • Start to break down the feeling of I’m not good enough.
      • Gain more direction in your life.
      • Learn ways to not let other people affect you at work or in relationships.
      • Have a peace of mind and help you make decisions.

At the end of the session I will give you an appropriate takeaway task or tool to use, to support you in controlling your emotions more easily. 

I will create an environment for you to feel understood, supported and accepted.

N.B. The session is specifically tailoured to what you need and the outcomes you desire. This may vary slightly from the above list.

1 session will certainly clear the first layer of emotions that come up for you. Regular weekly or fortnightly sessions are essential for sustained results. 

You will Receive

1 x approx 90 minute 1:1 personal mentoring

Sessions can either be online via video conference or in person.

Investment: $235 AUD paid in full.