business mentoring package

If you have finished your study in NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis or a similar therapy and are eager to start your business. Or you’ve had your business in the above therapies for a while but still lack confidence in what technique to use when clients come in to see you, then this package is for you. 

During our time together we will work on your mindset blocks and issues that are still holding you back on launching or finding clients to work with in your business.

We will also fill the gaps that you feel after finishing your study. The sessions will give you specific strategies on how to work with your clients with confidence and success. No more guessing or hoping your session will be successful and what technique to use. You will go away with a precise treatment plan and knowing exactly how to work with each client in the majority of your sessions. 

I mainly use Resource Therapy to firstly clear any mindset issues or beliefs. I will also discuss and teach you the treatment plan that you can follow with majority of clients and their issues. 

The sessions are specifically tailoured for what you need and the outcomes you desire. These are some of the ways this package will help you.

  • Let go of several emotions that hold you back in your business.
  • Continue to work on your abiity to be confident in dealing with clients. 
  • Learn a treatment plan that gives each client session structure, and therefore you will feel more confident in helping them.
  • The treatment plan, that you will be taught to use in your business, will also be used to help you clear away your blocks that hold you back in your business. 
  • The treatment plan I will teach you, will help you understand exactly what clients need within a few minutes of talking to them. 
  • You will know exactly how to deal with the majority of client issues by following a treatment plan. But still including your NLP, Time Line Therapy or Hypnosis techniques.
  • No matter how clients word their pre-session form, you will know immediately how to help them. 
  • Client issues will not feel as scary or complicated as you thought, as you will have structure to follow. 
  • You will be confident with exactly what emotions to release with clients. 


At the end of each session I will give you an appropriate takeaway task or tool to use, to support you in either moving forward with your blocks or your business. 

I will create an environment for you to feel understood, supported and accepted.

N.B. Since each session is specifically tailoured to what you need and the outcomes you desire. The above list may vary slightly. 

You will Receive

4 x 60 – 90 minute 1:1 personal mentoring

Sessions can either be online via video conference or in person.

Sessions must be used within a 3 month period.

Payment Options:

4 x $185 AUD payments per session (small fees apply) or,

$740 AUD paid in full.

If you need a payment plan or to ask any questions about the above package. I would love to have a chat. Click on the link below to find a time to catch up.