it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.                                                                                                                            Maya Angelou


Beautiful one, my name is Carlene Kupke

I help high achieving women who feel like they have no voice at work, home or within relationships, embrace who they really are around others.


I never really understood why I felt so alone, lost, fearful, anxious and unfulfilled in life. I had it all! An amazing career, husband and lived in a beautiful seaside suburb. But it felt not enough, there was something missing.

My earliest memories of trauma started in my teenage years with 2 significant events that changed the course of my life. The first I was bullied. I felt alone. Constantly questioning my self-worth, and trying do the right thing by others was exhausting.

The second incident was a near death experience, where the car I was travelling lost control around a corner at 140 km/h. Somehow, we survived but I spent the next 15 plus years closing myself off to the world struggling with undiagnosed PTSD.


“It’s not what happens. It’s what we make it mean.”

From that moment on, these events meant I could trust no one.

The pattern of bullying and pleasing others continued throughout university and my teaching career, with the same problems and challenges.

To keep myself safe, I ran from the fears that consumed my days and nights and numb them with alcohol. When emotions crippled me in an instant, I avoided them with exercise.

My relationship also suffered by all these events. As my relationship grew closer and more connected, the pattern of getting too close and trusting people reared its ugly head. To protect myself I found problems with our connection.


one door closes: one door opens

When I was asked to teach in Cambodia I leaped and quit my 15-year teaching career into the unknown. Maybe this would fill that empty space but I think a part of me thought it was a chance to escape and run again.

And that’s when the real me, started to emerge.


Embracing all of me


The emotional roller coaster of quitting and losing began very quickly.

The part of me that I thought I knew was gone. I had lost complete idea of my identity and where I belonged in this world.

Embracing all of me and who I was, was difficult. I knew I was one fun-loving, heart centred chick, with a bright intuitive side and a smart analytical mind. But for me to accept my intuitive abilities was hard. 

shedding the mask

Searching for reassurance and courage. I accidentaly discovered the healing modality of Reiki.

I loved the gentle way Reiki gave me a new sense of vibrancy, clarity and purpose without talking. The heavy layers of doubt, insecurity and uncertainty, ingrained over the years simply melted away.

The constant overthinking and worrying started to disappear. My head felt clear, at peace and almost empty.



uncovering the real me

Resource Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy and were also gifts I discovered by chance.

Through exploring my mindset, removing my fears, self-doubt, anxiety, PTSD, limitations and other past baggage.

My thoughts and ideas about my world and the people around me started to change. The real me began to emerge and my husband fully embraced every part of me as well.


I want to reassure you, that you are not alone. If you are looking for change, I know it’s possible.


I now help high achieving women who feel lost, alone and have difficulty standing up for themselves. Embrace who they really are with confidence and assertiveness.

I am a mindset strategist, emotional wellbeing therapist and through this I offer confidence and assertiveness mentoring with my Emotional Wellbeing sessions. 


Look forward to connecting with you. 

Much love



Clinical Resource Therapist (RT) – Resource Therapy International

Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (Clinical EFT Tapping) – EFT Universe

Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Hypnosis) – Evolve Mind Body Coaching

Reiki Master – Elysian Sanctuary

Seichim Master – Authentic Self & Elysian Sanctuary

Karuna Level 1 & 2 Practitioner – Elysian Sanctuary

Shiloh Rae Energy Healing Level 1 & 2 Practitioner – Elysian Sanctuary

Shamballa Energy Healing Practitioner – Elysian Sanctuary

Chakra and Crystal Healing Practitioner – Elysian Sanctuary

Egyptian Emotional Cleanse Essential Oils Therapist – Elysian Sanctuary

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) – Evolve Mind Body Coaching

Time Line Therapy Practitioner (TLT) – Evolve Mind Body Coaching

Bachelor of Secondary Education – Mathematics, Science teacher (15 years) and Counsellor/Mentor (7 years) – University of South Australia