A war on words/opinions/thoughts.

ownFor majority of us we are not mixed up in a war with weapons and fire.

For some these days it’s:

A war on words!

A war of judgements!

A war of thoughts!

A war on opinions!

A war on a need to be right!

A war within our own heads!

A war against another or one another!

It’s a war over social media comments, behind a person’s back with others, and many times not to a person face. A war over who they are? Or what they said or did? Or it’s simply an overthinking war within our own head?

Does it really mean they or we are crazy? Does it really mean they need help? Just because they think differently, have another belief, eat a different food, wear different clothes, wear something that someone does not? Black or white?

So many thoughts and beliefs …. that are just that!

Does a war ever end in peace?

Does a war ever achieve anything?

Does an overthinking war make you feel less stressed?

Nope! Nope! And more nope!

In the big scheme of things does it really matter if someone has a different opinion? Does it matter if they think, eat, act or believe different things?

What does it all create? Separation! When everyone is against one another, not supporting or accepting each other is never a nice feeling. More negativity, anger, fear, anxiety against another human being. Is it worth it? Our bodies feel every bit of this negativity? Is it a good sacrifice for our body? I say NO! 

A war no matter what kind never creates peace, love or acceptance! Never has and never will.

In a world that wants everyone to conform, to do and be exactly the same. Why? If not, we are often laughed at, abused and made fun of. How is that love?

To me … it’s about seeing each and everyone of us as we really are, which is not about creating a war so we argue against one another. To be an individual at our core, full of love and compassion in our hearts.

Peace and love in any situation comes from within ourselves, which in turn creates a more peaceful and loving world.

To me it means I don’t waste my time and energy on small simple things, that don’t matter. I focus on love, abundance and success for every part of my life. It sometimes best to agree to disagree and move on!

In some ways it ends up being a blessing in disguise, on teaching us how not to be. Especially when we are on the end of such an attack by someone not liking what your write, say or do.

A war on words/opinions/thoughts of another is simply a war within oneself. Choose a reality or life that you wish to lead, and leave the rest behind. It’s not worth it!

A war never wins!