How narcissists are secretly scared of you?

The narcissist, manipulators sweet talkers and bullies. Oh so nasty!

But secretly they are scared of you!

To put you down, shut you off, turn your opinion to dust. To keep you under their power and control.

The emotional and sometimes physical abuse can cut you right to the core. And they know it! They do it so deliberately but at times so subtlety to keep you ALL theirs.

To fill their own desire, worth and sense of superiority. Sometimes they do it in such a way, it’s so subtle you miss it. Other times they do it, that they make themselves the victim and you the manipulator. It’s then their excuse that you deserved it. So much control in such a subtle way.

You get caught so deeply and it’s like you’re washed under a sea of muck. So hard to see through it.

You trust them, you might even love them.

A man, woman, lover, friend, boss, work colleague or someone you look up to. There’s no one fit to these people.

But ……. they all manipulate your worth!

The abuse continues and grows more and more. But that fire in your belly for your own worth grows even stronger.

The pieces of the puzzle start falling into place and the truth starts to expose itself.

That’s when ….

You step back and be the witness. Rather than be caught right in it.

You feel confused ….. Am I sure, I am right about it? Are they really like this?

Deep down you know it’s right. But it’s a weird kind of feeling. Someone you trust so deeply, can they do this to you.

But you know!

Action must be taken to set yourself free. So much sweet talking, they truly don’t care about you. You see it now!

They don’t want you to shine, as it shines their weaknesses even brighter. They are so scared of you uncovering their truth. They are so scared of you! The masks they play out each day. The constant labels of superiority they act on. So subtle and sometimes so smooth.

But deep down underneath all of those masks. Is either a soul that’s hurting or a soul that’s not ready to face who they truly are …. They need help!

You are their saviour as much as they are yours. The hurt, abuse, emotional turmoil …. are there to teach you.

And your actions are there to teach them.

That fire in your belly rages so strong now.

The truth is in front of you!

Enough is enough!

Set boundaries! Say No! Walk out! Move out! No more! Never again! Speak your truth!

Enough is enough!

Don’t be scared! I’ve got you! I see you! I’ve been you!

Step forward! Embrace! You’re worth it! You’re so worth it! I believe in you! You go!

Then ……the guilt and doubt hits. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe I did something wrong?

Maybe I should try to fix it.

You hear gossip, abuse, manipulation of your name.

You feel hurt! You feel lonely! You feel afraid!

You want to explain the truth. You want to people please, keep the peace and clear your name.

Don’t go back dear one! It’s a trap!


You have your power and worth back.

Let them gossip, manipulate and remain bitter!

That’s all them, not you!

Just wait and watch!

Then you see it again, in such a subtle way.

That next victim is now caught and pulled into the river.

You see it! You want to save them! To save them from what’s about to unfold.

As you know.

You feel for them.

You want to fight. You want them to pay. But you feel so lost. So angry.

But you can’t do anything now! The next victim is trapped. You sit in hope and wonder.

How can they keep getting away with this!

But they do! As they manipulate!

You’ve lost your voice.

You feel weak. No more fighting. It’s not worth it.

So you sit back! You watch! Observe the aftermath.

And then suddenly you fall ……

You feel open, raw, exploited. So cleverly. So subtlety and you can’t believe you missed it.

Blame. Sadness. Disbelief. Anger.

Feel into these feelings now, dear one.

They are the answers.

It’s ok now.

You’re safe.

It’s not your fault.

Allow yourself time.

Be kind.

There’s nothing wrong with you!

You didn’t do anything wrong!


Let go.

And Breathe.

No holding, just feeling.

The anger, hurt, sadness, injustice.

No more.




And then  ….. you know your strength.

It’s in you!

As you’ve been there before.

It’s in you!

Give thanks.

Be grateful.

Show forgiveness.

The bond between the two of you breaks.

You’re free!

You feel it!

You never knew what that truly was.

That feeling scares you.

Each time it came forth, you would step back.

Each time it unlocked, you were locked back.

No more dear one

No more.

Step forward.

Step up.

You feel that strength burn.

It’s in you!

You know your worth!

You know your power!

Breathe into it, dear one.

That’s you!

That’s what they’re scared of.

That’s what you were scared of too.

You’re opening and freeing.

Embrace the change.

It’s you!