Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind
and nourish with repetition and emotion
will one day become a reality
~ Earl Nightingale

Beautiful one, my name is Carlene Kupke

and I help women who are feeling stressed, lost, alone or unsettled to find peace within themselves through my Mind Body sessions. I predominantly use Resource Therapy (RT) and Reiki to bring you a sense of inner calm.

When there is nowhere else to turn, you to have to find the light within yourself.

I’m here to help you find that light
and to connect to who you really are.

Do you find yourself wondering?

“Why is this happening to me?”
“Am I good enough?”
“Why do I feel stuck and emotionally numb?”
“Why do I worry so much about what
others think?”

“I just need to get away.”
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“I don’t want to face this anymore.”

Sound familiar?

When your mind and body don’t connect on the same level, you’ll stay stuck with the same emotions, negative thought patterns and behaviours that don’t serve you.

Resource Therapy (RT), Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis and TLT were gifts I discovered by chance.

After my first session, I had a deep knowing that I was on the brink of something amazing. I felt the heavy layers of doubt, insecurity and uncertainty, ingrained through years of telling myself I wasn’t good enough, simply melt away.

Most importantly?

A new me – the real me – began to emerge.

The peace, the calm, the confidence
of knowing that I’m where I’m supposed to be,
doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

I am proof that change is possible. And I am ready to help you.


I never really understod why I felt so alone, lost, fearful, anxious and unfulfilled in life. I had it all! An amazing career, husband and lived in a stunning home in a beautiful seaside suburb. But it felt not enough. There was something missing, I felt empty.

The more I gave, the more I craved and the more I searched to fill it.

As the years went on, the more the feelings of being alone, empty, powerless and lost grew. A happy, relaxed and chilled out mask was put on every morning to go to work. But inside I was screaming for something else. I never really understood what I needed or wanted or why I was searching, I just was. Filling that dark void with things that made me happy or so I thought.

My earliest memory of the wheels falling off started in my teenage years with 2 significant events that changed the course of my life. The first I was bullied. Excluded from a friendship group and in a instant, I felt alone. The whole world that I knew, was no longer and the person I was, was no more. I spent the rest of my teenage years battling my way through life, replaying every conversation in my head and watching what I said to people, in case they took it the wrong way. Constantly questioning my self worth and worrying about how I could fit in, was exhausting.

The second incident was a near death experience, where the car I was travelling in lost control around at bend at 140 km/h, spinning and landing in a ditch missing an electricity pole by a metre. My life appeared to whiz by me in an instant, but it also felt so slow with each life memory appearing in time. Somehow we all survived that ordeal, but followed was the death of my soul. I spent the next 15 plus years closing myself off to the world. I struggled to be a passenger in a car, to hear the sound of an emergency vehicles and even worse to drive past an accident triggered every memory from that traumatic night. My heart would race, my body would sweat to a point where I would nearly pass out. I was too scared to ask for help, so I learnt to pack down every emotion so tight that no one would know how I was feeling. I believe it was undiagnosed PTSD.

“It’s not what happens. It’s what we make it mean.”

From that moment on, that incident meant I could trust or get close to no one. As no one can protect me and keep me safe. The walls around me were so high and thick, that no one would ever make their way in. To keep myself safe, I started to run from everything. Run from the fears that consumed my days and nights, and numb them with alcohol. Run from the emotions that crippled me in an instant, and avoid them with exercise. Running from my doubts, limitations and actually my life. I felt so powerless I was paralysed in time by my overthinking and worrying about every foreseeable event for myself or those close to me.

The pattern continued throughout university and my first teaching job, with the same problems and challenges just different people running the show. More bullying, fear and hiding myself from the world. 

Teaching ignited my passion and gave me my spark back. I loved connecting, sharing and creating for the students. I gave my heart and soul to all that I delivered and I started to feel I had found myself again, until I was bullied. The emotional trauma that ate away at my soul, disempowered my worth. I did not know what to do or say. I felt helpless and powerless and questioned who I was. Why me? Third time lucky! Not! What is wrong with me? I continued to put on my mask every day, give so much passion to my lessons and put up with the manipulation, control and heartless acts that ripped me apart. I spent so many years treading on eggs shells and trying to please other people, including my bullies, but still I felt trapped. Trying to do the “right thing” was never enough, as I was still emotionally abused in every corner. Very quickly I developed social anxiety and found it much safer to avoid situations altogether. 

All I really craved was a sense of belonging, but at the same time it was exactly what I feared. 

When I met my husband, I felt like I had finally found someone that understood me. Accepted me for who I was and what I was all about. I opened my heart and soul and gave so much, it felt right. I started to trust people again, but there were cracks. As my soul was yerning for acceptance and belonging in my job, this anguish, stress and fear naturally filtered into my personal life too.

“You don’t see the real world, it’s your version of it.”

The more I found problems with our connection the more I focussed on them and placed them in a bag. As the problems and stories continued the bag grew bigger and louder in every moment. My immediate reaction was to protect myself and put my walls up and that just reinforced what my brain would filter in throughout my day.

one door closes: one door opens

When I was asked to teach in Cambodia I leaped into the unknown. Maybe this would fill that empty space or some burning desire. I quit my 15 year teaching career with no thought process of what I would do after or even about my financial security. I just knew it was the right thing to do. I think a part of me thought it was a chance to escape and run again. But what I was running way from, finally caught up with me.

And that’s when the real me, started to emerge.

The emotional roller coaster of quitting and losing it all began very quickly. The part of me that I thought I knew and could control was gone. I was no longer the teacher, a numbers guru or even a sporty chick. I had lost complete idea of my identity and where I belonged in this world. Who was I? What was I? I was no one. My soul was bare and empty.

Beautiful simplicity: Reconnecting in Cambodia

Teaching in Cambodia stripped back all I ever wanted in life, it reignited my passion. The high fives, smiles and fun melted my heart each and every day. The more I gave, the more I craved and I finally started to fill it.

My heart was touched by the simplicity of Cambodian life and generosity of her people. They gave me the gift of unconditional acceptance, love and laughter, unearthing a deep inner knowing that I had so much to give. Importantly, I realised that I deserved to give unconditionally to myself and I had to stop running.


embracing all of me

I was so scared in all aspects of my life, I completely forgot who I was, where I belonged and what I was really doing here.

“Why fit in, when you are born to stand out?” Dr Seuss

Embracing all of me and who I was, was difficult. I was not weird, eccentric or a nerd. I was no spiritual hippy or geek. None of these so-called labels were a fit. I was one fun-loving, heart centred chick, with a bright intuitive side and a smart analytical mind, who has a passion for helping others. Yes I had lots of signs and or you might say coincidences that used to occur in my life. Things I knew would happen and then they did, repeated numbers, money and feathers falling in my path. My intitution kept knocking on my door telling me that there was more. But I did not want to go there.

But “What you resists, persists.” And it did. I continued to feed my fears with my worries, until one day I just let go. I simply accepted and started to explore.

reiki: shedding the mask

Searching for reassurance and courage. I accidentally discovered the healing modality of Reiki.

I loved the gentle way Reiki gave me a new sense of vibrancy, clarity and purpose without discussing what I was feeling. Even though my logical brain was still questioning how it works, something kept pulling me back to explore.

The heavy layers of doubt, insecurity and uncertainty, ingrained over the years simply melted away. The constant overthinking and worrying started to disappear. My head felt clear, at peace and almost empty.

Unpacking the stories and baggage was no easy feat. There was still so many moments where I feared change, the idea of Reiki and what it does. There were moments that I just wished my life would miraculously fix itself and everything would go away, but it didn’t. I had to really dig deep and work for it.

I accepted that Reiki was a part of me now, and I found many practical logical ways to explain it to others, so they could experience this beautiful nuturing modality as well.


NLP and TLT: uncovering the real me

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and TLT (Time Line Therapy) were also gifts I discovered by chance.

As I let go of control of who I would be and how I would satisfy my burning desire to make a difference in this world, a variety of other people and opportunties fell in my path. This is where I was opened up into the world of NLP, TLT, the unconsicous mind and the mind/body connection. This life changing course, exploded my reality and who I was. I had created it all and the only person I was hurting by reliving the past or worrying about my future, was myself. The stories, stress, worries and emotional feelings were so ingrained in my mind and body, it was like it was real. I still had the thoughts, hurt, resentment and worry. I was like a song stuck on repeat. I had numerous health concerns, muscular and joint issues, the stress started to take it’s toll. I had to let go.

To be free I realised I had to acknowledge my past, forgive my bullies and take full responsbility for my own actions. I needed to start living each day like there was no tomorrow.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr Wayne Dyer

Through exploring my mindset, removing my fears, limitations and past baggage with NLP and TLT. My thoughts and ideas about my world and the people around me started to change. Every trigger gave me evidence to look deep inside to see what I needed to change. I took 100% responsibility for my life and how I felt. I had created all of my stories and all of my life. I was no longer a victim wanting to be saved or a rescuer trying to save and please another. I no longer needed to scarifice my happiness for everyone else. I was empowered, confident, clear and hopeful.


I had my determined and passionate self back, not just a mask. With the help of Reiki, NLP, TLT and now RT for 2 years I pushed through and released every subconsicous block, heart ache, emotional trigger caused by everything I had numbed down or pushed away. To come out the other side and feel the most vibrant, balanced and happy person I have been in a long time.

acceptance: no labels, no hiding, just me

Once I understood and accepted all of me, my husband fully embraced every part of me as well. My marriage was saved! I feel truly blessed by the gift of finding Reiki, NLP, TLT, and now RT. I am no longer the powerless, square box “good girl” that I felt society wanted me to be. I now feel free, loved, safe, driven, fun-loving, unique and happy.

Each day I learn to leave my mask off, be present and allow people into my world. I’ve learnt it’s ok to ask for help, I no longer hide my true self, and my feelings in this world. All relationships have issues and no life is perfect. I was not a failure, and every heart ache was a learning lesson.

Although I have many battle scars and bruises, with words and experiences that tried to cut my soul in half. I know now this is who I am meant to be. I belong in this world, as unique, intuitive and passionate me. My soul was calling me to take this path, once I let go, accepted every part of me and trusted there was a bigger plan, the incredible exhilarating journey began.

And that empty little part of me that I tried to fill each day, is now happy and she knows she is ok, she is safe, she is loved, she has all the support around her and has survived it all.

As I continue on this journey of life I am now excited for all my new chapters to begin.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.


So much love



Clinical Resource Therapist (RT) – Resource Therapy International https://www.resourcetherapyinternational.com/carlene-kupke.html

Reiki Master – The Heart Mind Alchemist https://www.facebook.com/HarrietSpiritualHealer/

Seichim Master – Authentic Self https://authenticself.energy/ 

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Intuitive Healing Systems Practitioner – Beginnings Centre https://www.beginningscenter.com.au/Reiki/

Bachelor of Secondary Education – Mathematics, Science teacher (15 years) and Counsellor/Mentor (7 years) – University of South Australia